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  1. Ensuring the effective use of IT systems by including good query and report creation capabilities prior to system implementation  ·  closed

  2. Mandatory 24 hour response time from managemnt to employees' requests  ·  closed

  3. Make TEAM Reporting Data Available to HUD Employees  ·  we're already doing it

  4. LOCCS Access Approval: Decrease Time, Devolve Responsibility  ·  under review

  5. Job Data collection  ·  we're already doing it

  6. Improve processing of Freedom of Information (FOIA) requests. Provide updated training and systems.  ·  implemented

  7. Improve processing of Freedom of Information (FOIA) requests. Provide updated systems and training.  ·  closed

  8. Provide Field Offices with automated comparisons of HCV HUDCAPS data to VMS  ·  closed

  9. PIH "Red" folder correspondence is sent directly to PHAs for response with field offices copied on the correspondence sent to PHAs  ·  closed

  10. Work with OPM to create a truly anonymous EVS  ·  we're already doing it

  11. Replace hard drives of retired/separated employees instead of conducting an OCIO data retrieval request to save money  ·  closed

  12. 3 hours per week to exercise  ·  closed

  13. Automated Customer Service Intake System to track incoming customer calls to ensure appropriate HUD response and customer satisfaction.  ·  we're already doing it

  14. Use America Competes Act authority to host photo, app, data prize challenge competitions  ·  we're already doing it

  15. Sharing 811 and 202 data summaries to CoC to identify vacancies  ·  closed

  16. Establish Regional FOIA officers at the GS 12/13 grade level.  ·  closed

  17. HUD Homeweb page should be an interactive map of the US showing vacant public housing units  ·  closed

  18. Updated Correspondence Handbook  ·  not an actionable idea

  19. New software for quality improvement  ·  under review

  20. Take stock of Senior Advisor positions to ensure these slots are being used legally by the agency  ·  under review

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