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Getting started with Switchboard forums

Whether you're a person looking for housing help, part of an organization wishing HUD could do a few things differently, or a HUD employee seeking some internal changes, with Switchboard it's super-easy to give us feedback. Here's how it works:

On any of our forums, you'll see a skinny text box toward the top of the page, if you have an idea, you’ll want to type in a few keywords about it right there. While you’re typing, our army of Switchboard robots will start looking through ideas we already have on the site, and if they find something that’s pretty similar, they’ll suggest it underneath the box for you to add some votes to. If our robots don’t do a good job and end up giving you some kinda-similar-but-still-kinda-different ideas (or your idea is so original that they don’t find anything), no worries: just click that gray “post a new idea” button and give us some more information about it. Then give it a few votes, click “post idea,” and share the link with your friends or neighbors to get some support for it,

If you don’t have an idea but still want to spend a few votes, that’s cool too. Feel free to browse through the ideas below based on hotness, popularity, or freshness, or filter by category to find ideas of a specific type.

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